Baseball Classics Real-Time Ballpark Game Set


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Our magnetic game board to track runners, outs, innings, and the score.

The new magnetic Scorefield fits perfectly inside our Baseball Classics game box measuring at a conveniently sized 8 1/2″ X 5 1/2″.

You’ll like the smooth playing surface and vibrant colors of our Magnetic Scorefield game board. You can shake it and all markers stay in place, so never worry about tracking your board game play!



Baseball Classics Real-Time Ballpark Game Set is a “perfect game” add-on to your Baseball Classics game play with lefty-righty hitting & pitching that adds dynamic, real-time events on the field from the first to the final out anytime the ball is put into play!

Real-Time Ballpark Set comes with all the game pieces to play including our “Hall of Fame Field” starter ballpark!  Add-on any of our Ballparks MLB Chart Sets 1901-Present!


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