Change each BATTER [POS] to the player name and position in the lineup.  Separate each result with a comma and use the following scoring indicators:

Example: NORTHRUP [LF] – GO, K, FO, BROWN [PH] (HR*),

Baseball Classics Scorecard definition table




1.  MCAULIFFE [2B] – (HR*), GO, (W SB-2), K,

2.  KALINE [RF] – FO, 1B, GO*, LO,

3.  FREEHAN [C] – PO, DP/ K, W X,

4.  HORTON [LF] – K/ FO, 2B, GO/

5.  CASH [1B] – LO, FO, GO/ DP/

6.  NORTHRUP [RF] – 2B, GO/ 1B X,

7.  OYLER [SS] – K, K, (FC),

8.  MATHEWS [3B] – E5, FO, (HR**),

9.  MCLAIN [P] – K/ PO/ K/